Doula Roll Call

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Doula Roll Call

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:06 am

This thread is basically a "role call" for the doulas participating in the forum. Here, you can provide a little information about yourself, personally and professionally. This is also a place where potential clients can read about the doulas that participate in the forum. This is beneficial because it will allow you to spread information about your services and gain clients.

For this thread, I would like for you to reply with the following:

  • Your Name: first names only are okay if you are not comfortable providing your last name
  • About Yourself: Any personal information you would like to say about yourself.
  • Your Doula Collective (if applicable): do you belong to a collection of doulas? If so, that can be put here. If not, putting "N/A" is totally fine.
  • Doula Type: Antepartum, Birth/Labor, Postpartum/Postnatal, Adoption, Miscarriage/Loss, or all of the above.
  • Doula Certification Program: DONA, CAPPA, etc.
  • Certification Status: have you just completed training and are now trying to reach your births attended requirement? Have you been a doula for several years? This is where you would provide that kind of information.
  • Specific experience: in this section, please provide any experience you have in breech births, VBAC births, multiples, advanced maternal age, home births, hospital births, anything that you consider to be specific to your services and a future client may want to know
  • Contact Information: you can provide whatever you are comfortable with, please know that this forum IS public so posting your personal number is not advised. An email address would work perfectly fine for other doulas to ask a personal question or for interested clients to contact you directly.
  • Misc.: This is where you can add pretty much anything you would like that didn't fit into the prompts above.

Hopefully you all have a bit of fun with this and can see how it could be useful or beneficial to your business and in informing future clients!


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