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Book Recommendations

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:13 am

Personally, great deal of my drive and inspiration as a doula comes from reading about birth work, doula experiences, new techniques, etc. I know that the DONA program also requires specific titles to be read by trained doulas before they become certified. Here, you can reply to the thread and recommend, related to the work of a doula, a book you found poignant, helpful, useful, or enlightening.

You can provide the title, author, a short blurb, a link to where the book can be purchased, a review and/or why you would recommend it. Titles from the DONA or CAPPA required reading list are absolutely allowed and even encouraged since doula trainees can choose one book from a group of a few under a specific topic, this will allow them to make a more informed choice.

I'm looking forward to seeing what books help you!


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